Sound, Art, Vegetables

from musician and writer Damon Krukowski

I want to share sounds, thoughts about sounds, and thoughts about how we share sounds. Also vegetables.

I’ll be writing about new music, old music, my own music, my friends’ music, music I’ve found while traveling on tour, music that’s found me at the flea market, record store, or on my favorite AM radio station (there is still one where I live, in Cambridge MA, although at night it’s only audible within a mile or so of the transmitting tower).

I’ll be writing about sounds I hear at art exhibitions, in books, in my garden, and in my head (no drummer doesn’t have at least a touch of tinnitus).

I’ll be writing about drums.

I’ll be sharing thoughts that may or may not lead to my next non-fiction book about sound, and/or my next book of prose poetry.

I’ll be serializing a novel that takes place in a self-storage facility. One with a radio station in it. (I did not make this up. Truth may be stranger than fiction, but ecstatic truth beats both.)

Subscriptions are free or paid. Founding Members ($100 or more) will receive signed first editions of any books developed from these posts. To all subscribers: thank you for your support. I hope you will make use of the comments sections - and/or Substack Notes - to let me know what you’re hearing, what you want to be hearing, and how you want to be hearing it.

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Sound, Art, Vegetables


musician (Galaxie 500, Damon & Naomi), writer (The New Analog, Ways of Hearing), editor (Exact Change)