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Great article Damon, it is amazingly durable that 44 minute format isn't it? Half the length of most movies but the right album can take you twice as far!

Now, to be really annoyingly nerdy I wonder if you can tell me what the solution was to your iPhone music shuffling the artwork? Embarrassingly Adele 21 is the cover of half my collection! How dare she claim the work of Cream's Disraeli Gears and St Vincent's Daddy's Home!

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The additional joy of the 44 minute format is of course that an LP would fit close to perfectly on one side of a C90 - so, killing music by home taping (another death knell for the album) was made convenient!

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I will comment again to say I think you are “spot on”. The same scrambled album cover thing happened to me on my iPhone and I immediately felt revulsion when the wrong album cover was with the wrong music. So much so I deleted immediately anything that had the wrong cover. I couldn’t even listen to it. It’s worse than having no album cover, which sometimes happens on digital players (and I have some that don’t display the covers at all).

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